Personalised Care at THE CENTRE

Providing care of loved ones places a constant toll on the carers, leading to increased stress levels and in return, a diminishing standard of care that can be provided to them. Here at Synergy Care Centre, your loved one’s safety and well-being are our main concerns. 24 hours excellent nursing care is provided by trained nurses and physiotherapist. The care given includes personal care, physical, physiotherapy, nursing procedures such as hygiene care, feeding tubes, tracheostomy care, suctioning, oxygen therapy and wound care. The duration of care can be long term, short term (respite care) and day care.


在这里,训练有素的护士和物理治疗师提供24小时优质护理。护理包括个人护理,身体,理疗,护理程序,如卫生护理,喂食管,气管造口护理,抽吸,氧疗和伤口护理。 护理的持续时间可以是长期,短期(暂息护理)和日托。

Day Care Service

We provide day care services for those wish to stay at home during the night and only needing care during the day time. The day care services include meals, nursing care such as dressing, feeding, personal hygiene , and physiotherapy as well as social activities.

我们为那些希望晚上在家,只在白天需要护理的长者提供日托服务。日托服务包括膳食,护理,如伤口敷料,胃管喂养,尿管护理,卫生保健和物理治疗 , 以及社交活动。

Room and facilities (住宿与设施)

All our rooms are equipped with single or twin sharing beds with air-conditioned and fan. Hospital beds are available for those requires special care. The centre is equipped with elderly friendly facilities such as ramp, lift facilities, hand railing and the floors are anti slipped flooring to prevent injury.

我们所有的房间都配有单人或双人共用床,风扇,电视和空调。 医院病床可供需要特殊护理的人使用。 中心地板和所有楼层都是防滑地板,而且配有扶手帮助。


Our experienced physiotherapist provides physiotherapy for all the residents DAILY. Physiotherapy and rehabilitations services available in the centre for those with stroke, fall, neurological injuries, post-surgery. musculoskeletal injuries and other injuries


Social activities (团体活动)

Here at the centre we conduct physical and social activities such as drawing, yoga, gardening, board games and interaction activities and games to promote communications and interaction among elderly.


Facilities (设备)

We provide Healthy home cooked meals for all our residents in a safe and friendly environment. The environment is suitable and safe for elderly with ramps and side railings with easy access for wheel chairs users and lift facility.

我们在安全友好的环境中为所有居民提供健康的家常饭菜。 环境适用于长者,有坡道和侧栏杆,方便轮椅使用者和电梯设施.

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